Bandung Mayor Reports Twitter Twit to Cops – Understandably!

After all the hoo-ha over Florence in Jogjakarta   you might think I’d be up in arms over the news that Bandung’s Mayor Ridwan Kamil is asking for police action against some twit on Twitter.


But in fact I don’t blame him at all! The anonymous ‘Kemal’ has made a grossly offensive personal accusation against Hizonna.
If the creep had simply contented himself with saying that Bandung was a city of ‘garbage’ and full of prostitutes, then I’d have been inclined to liken the case to Florence’s, because cities, like countries, are not individuals, and are thus legitimate targets for dislike.


 Ridwan and the Twit’s Insults

Bandung no doubt has its fair share both of trash and trollops, but the same could be said of Birmingham!

However, it is altogether OTT to call the Mayor a queer!

He also insulted Ridwan by saying that the mayor engaged in homosexual activity with Ariel, a local rock star.
There appears to have been absolutely no basis for these sort of disgusting allegations, which, if anyone took them seriously, would do great damage to the mayor’s reputation..
It’s arguably even more malicious towards Ariel, who spent the best part of two years in prison under the ludicrous porno law, after a video of him proving that he was VERY heterosexual circulated around the internet. 

Fanatic Chagrin as Crowds Welcome Ariel’s Release! 


 Ariel with friends


As far as I can tell, Ridwan is not a bad mayor, infinitely better than that which preceded him in the city hall…

IslamoNazis – “Her Presence Clearly Threatens Public Morals and Challenges the Moral Vision of Religious Bandung!” 

…and he should not have to suffer nonsense like this.

But still, that Article 27 of the 2008 Law Number 11 on Electronic Information and Transaction is surely a tiger that needs to be tamed.
Simple defamation suits are appropriate when grotesque slurs are made against a person’s character, but when this internet law is used to prosecute/persecute people who insult a PLACE – that’s going too far. .