Cacaphonous Calais Crimmigrants, Blatant BBC Bias




Calais was the last part of France to belong to the English Crown. Nowadays, it appears to be well on the way to becoming something other than French! 

BBC’s 1pm news (Jakarta time) on Saturday exemplified the media elite’s nauseating attitudes – a blonde whose name, I think, was Lucy, wandered round the Channel port’s streets with self-confessed recidivist illegal immigrants, as if she were interviewing honest citizens.

With no sign of distaste, she let them pour out their bilious ingratitude towards France, which has foolishly tolerated their noisome presence, their greedy snouts guzzling freebies every day.




Lovely Lucy listened carefully, without a word of reprimand, even retelling some Sudanese sleaze-bag’s boasts of how he’d tried time and again to sneak illegally into the UK.  

It’s one thing to give fair hearing to somebody protesting innocence when accused of a crime – but this swine was braying his defiance of Britain’s legitimate right to defend her borders.

Suppose he was a Londoner, boasting about how he’d repeatedly tried to break into banks, had so far failed, but was determined to do so again? Imagine if he were a Glaswegian, bemoaning  repeated attempts to mug old ladies which had ended in failure, but emphasising his commitment to do so until he managed to bash and rob some octogenarian.

Would Lucy have chatted away so casually,  no trace of disapproval in her voice?

But an arrogant alien parasite?

No big deal for the BBC lady!

It’s one thing to be impartial between British political parties, but between her own country and an alien threat?

It reminded me of those BBC swine in 1982, insisting they were neutral beween the Argentine enemy and the country from whose tax-payers they leeched their huge salaries. Then again, leeching off tax-payers is something both BBC and the crimmigrants regard as their due.


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  • Whining about ‘beatings’ administered by local police – same sort of cr%p we heard from the slimy sylumers championed by that ABC flunkey here in Jakarta –  on it went, to an uncritical audience in the person of Lucy.

Although truckers were seen anxiously inspecting their vehicles, and the risk to innocent tourists taking caravans home to the UK were mentioned, not once did Lucy point out that what they were up to is CRIMINAL!

She ended with a bleat about how they were driven by hardship and hope.


In fact, they have no right to be in France, having made their way there through other countries where they did not deign to stop due their fixation on the honey-pot, Eldorado, as the Mayor of Calais described England last week.

Eldorado England? No Wonder UK Faces Invading Savages! 

But home doesn’t offer a yummy welfare wallow!.

Now Cameron’s saying he’ll help the beleaguered French – by sending an old fence! 

I’m sure the Burghers of Calais will dance a jig about that.

This weekend the port has seen a demo by angry citizens, who proclaimed a message Brits will applaud –

‘We don’t care where they go, we just don’t want them here!’

But until the Tories turn off the tap, they’ll keep coming. As I suggested last week, ‘asylum’-seekers already in the UK should be given a fishing rod and shipped to Rockall.

Of course, that one island is far too small to accommmodate all those deserving of such re-location, but there are plenty of other islands that are uninhabited and quite easily containable. I’m sure France has a few as well

That’ll soon have the bludgersasking for Swedish visas!