Message to Matthew Parris – Get Stuffed!

Last night we posted on the exposure of the French leftist leader Hollande’s effete elitist mentality, his dissing of poor people as ‘The Toothless Ones.’ 

The Sansdent Saga – Will The Toothless Ones Bite Back? 

Now we hear an elitist echo in England, from the sometime Tory, media ass Matthew Parris.


  • Residents' fury at former Tory MP's Clacton slur
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  • Sorry, I shouldn’t use the word ‘ass’ in conjunction with Parris, given his notorious proclivities.

I suppose poofters come in all shapes and sizes and social classes – some of them have been known to talk sense, like the murdered Dutchman Pim Fortuyn.

But it sounds as if Parris”s snobbery could be an extension of his ‘outsider’ life as a homosexual, a vengeful disdain for mere common families who live normal decent lives.

And if these common folk don’t sip latte and nibble at muesli?


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Then they’re not worth listening to?

I have in the past given him a nod of approval, for his exposure of the (ex?) Communist Mandelson’s sexual deviancy.

Happy Poofters Day -17th May 

But nothing he has said or done in the past can disallow our whole-hearted condemnation of his stuck-up condescension as evidenced in his words this week, after his regal tour of Clacton.

“This is Britain on crutches. This is tracksuit-and-trainers Britain, tattoo-parlour Britain, all-our-yesterdays Britain. I am not arguing we should be careless of the needs of struggling people and places such as Clacton.




But I am arguing – if I am honest – we should be careless of their opinions.”

On crutches? Toothless too? People who wear tracksuits or trainers are beneath him? Are they to be stripped of their right to vote? 


So the Clacton community remembers when Britain was a law-abiding, decent place to live, not a subservient servant to Brussels and Strasbourg.

There’s not a lot to relish about the modern multi-cult mess, where criminals go more or less unpunished, that is presumably Parris’s cherished ‘all-our-todays’ 

Parris exposed Mandelson. Now’s he’s exposed the Establishment, which sure as sugar thinks just like him, though neither Cameron nor Clegg Nor Millband will ever dare say so.

So a heart-felt message to Parris tonight!




Anne Crane, 63, of West Avenue, Clacton, a Salvation Army officer, said: “I’m disgusted by his comments.”

And Anne is not alone.