Indonesian Beheaders of Schoolgirls – Poso Pigs Up For Parole Soon?

With all the international outrage ignited by sectarian savages beheading innocents in the Middle East, it’s worth a reminder that at least one Indonesian court some seven years back figured that decapitating helpless Christian children was no big deal, handing out soft sentences to three pieces of filth found guilty thereof.

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Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Central Jakarta District Court Wednesday sentenced a Muslim militant to 20 years in prison for masterminding the gruesome murder of three Christian schoolgirls in the Central Sulawesi’s town of Poso in 2005.

There are photos of those poor children, headless, if you Google search, but I’m not going to publish them,

At the time, most of us here were shocked at this kid-glove treatment of evil vermin, who should have been put to death, preferably painfully.




But many people thought that at least for fourteen years or twenty, in the ring-leader’s case, the scum would be kept away from decent folk.

However, in view of the outrageous decision last month to turn loose that swine who was up to his neck in the Bali atrocity, it’s timely to ask for news of this satanic trio.

I’ve spun through the search engines, but can find no recent info on remissions or parole involving them.

But then it’s not something the authorities would want to boast about.
Bad enough that a spineless court let them off so lightly in the first place.

Anyone in the know, please let me know!