Minnesota’s 5th Amendment 5th Column – History Repeats Itself?

The abuse of the Fifth Amendment by Fifth Columnists is nothing new in the USA.

If you’re not old enough to remember the 1950s, you can read about the red ratbags who invoked that part of the US Constitution when asked about their involvement in the CPUSA,  the Communists who served America’s international enemies.


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  • ‘Are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?’ Not a difficult question, if you have a clear conscience, but those treasonous swine would ‘plead the Fifth’ to avoid an honest answer! 



And now we see a further flurry of Fifths!

This time in Minnesota, where the FBI is trying to nail numerous Somali immigrants suspected of recruitment into jihadist terror movements. Like marxism, their sectarian ideology demands that its followers elevate their creed above their right and proper duty to their country.


  •  Canada please note – right next door!
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  • The investigation is moving slowly because many of those subpoenaed are refusing to talk and have been instructed to invoke their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, multiple sources said.


cair-dont-talk-to-the-fbi-poster CAIR poster


Well, they’re acting on advice. The notorious CAIR is rather fond of clamming up instead of helping out.

The group under investigation is mostly composed of young Somalis who have been frequenting the Al Farooq Youth and Family Center and mosque in Bloomington. There, they may have fallen under the influence of Amir Meshal, a 31-year-old American of Egyptian descent who allegedly spoke often to them about joining in a jihad, those sources said.


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Huh? American of Egyptian descent?  So what was he doing in Somalia? 

Meshal admits he attended a terrorist training camp in Somalia, but insists he isn’t a terrorist, claiming he went to that war-torn nation to enrich his study of Islam.

There are lots of places all over the world where people can study Islam. So again, what was he doing in Somalia, a dangerous country where terrorists abound?

You should note that it was the local imam in Minnesota who won an order excluding this creature from his mosque, after parental complaints about young minds being poisoned.  Hyder Aziz, the director of the Bloomington mosque, said he was so concerned about Meshal’s interactions with the youth there that he went to police in early June and obtained a no-trespass order against him.


How did he get to be American?

He was born in New Jersey.


And that’ll trigger the predictable pinko protests – ‘he was born here, we can’t kick him out.’


That reminds me too closely for comfort of Killer Khadr in Canada, and that swine Chowdary in the UK, men who demand all the privileges of citizenship yet show no slightest trace of loyalty to their countries.

Meshal was held without charges and questioned by agents for four months in Kenya and Ethiopia. After being released, he later sued the FBI for civil rights violations.

Oh yeah? Poor wee fella!

The case was dismissed.  

A sensible solution would be to give these individuals a simple choice (assuming they can be located- seems the FBI don’t actually know where Meshal is)  – 

A – speak up, proclaiming to all that no decent citizen should even for a moment consider that any supranational cause or community trumps allegiance to America, or Canada or Britain.


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  • out with them
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  • Or…
  • B – take a one-way ticket to whatever cess-pool will take them- just like those Fifth Amendment Communists should have been packed off to the USSR!
  • And a similar invitation could usefully be considered for some of those CAIR creeps.