JIS, Police and ‘Magic Stones?’ C’mon, Pak Rikwanto, Talk Us Through This!

In interviews with the Journal at the jail in August, they said they found it hard to believe that investigators were taking allegations about magic stones and secret rooms seriously.


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  • The Wall Street Journal report on the alleged child abuse at Jakarta International School probably reflects widespread overseas consternation at how this case is being handled.
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  • Magic stones do not exist in the real world, and if secret rooms do exist, then they can easily be found if a professional police force goes through the JIS complex thoroughly.
  • Certainly the cops have been on this for months now and have had ample time to check every inch of the school and its grounds. 

Police spokesman Rikwanto, who like many Indonesians uses one name, has declined to say what the child meant by a “magic stone” or how it allegedly worked. He also has declined to discuss the location of allegedly secret rooms.


Rikwanto has often appeared on our blog, not always without criticism, but he is clearly an intelligent and experienced police officer.  

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Police deny that any children were questioned improperly and say the allegations expanded as counselors worked with the boys to help them remember what occurred.

Help them remember? How does one get helped to remember a magic stone that was conjured from thin air?

Perhaps it’s time Rikwanto stopped declining to discuss these matters?

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