Pinkos Pillory UKIP For Truths On Grooming!

Ukip accused of politicising child sex abuse scandal by blaming Labour

Heywood and Middleton byelection candidate John Bickley claims party betrayed girls through ‘love affair with immigration’    
Most people would say Bickley is spot on. He could have done better by demanding the death penalty of these grooming scum, but UKIP favour referenda, so that may happen anyway, in due course, by the will of the people.
But what’s enraged the in-crowd A-holes is that he’s reminding voters of what that independent expert report revealed.
The rotten elite that rules the UK were and are reluctant to upset alien communities ( and it’s not that they’re immigrants which is the problem, but that they have preserved primitive thinking imported from backward badlands) in which mediaeval mind-sets flourish.
It’s almost unbelievable but true that in parts of British cities,  people can be found who seriously think girls deserve a lesser share of a family inheritance than boys, or that men are entitled to more than one spouse but women are not.
Or that ‘honour killings’ can be countenanced in a civilised country.
Or that women must shroud themselves in shapeless garb and scarves, whilst men are free to go out and about dressed like normal human beings.
No wonder defenceless British girls fall prey to beasts brought up in such nightmare nonsense.
That vile sexism needs to be exposed and rooted out.  
But of course, Labour is surely not to be criticised.
After all, they have only had a virtual monopoly of political control in that part of England for decades..