‘Rule Britannia’ In Glasgow Streets – The Referendum Effect?

It was interesting to read that crowds of Scottish British patriots turned out in Glasgow, in a contest of choruses on referendum night, ‘Rule Britannia’ echoing around George Square.


Demonstrators gesture beside police during tonight's demonstration in George Square. Picture: Reuters

A Channel Four journo managed to smear these people – ‘what many interpret as nazzi-style salutes!’

No media bias in UK, sure!



Such displays of pride are rare, outside the Last Night of the Proms. I think the last time I recall such singing was for the Task Force going off to liberate the Falklands from Argie imperialism in 1982.

Good to see that true Brit grit can still manifest itself in testing times!


But a few other reactions are worth noting.

One ‘celebrity’ quoted in the Express could well be in line for a job with the Jakarta Post!

Taylor Gardner said he was “embarrassed of Scotland”.  He wrote: “I’m very embarrassed of Scotland. …” 




One may be embarrassed BY something, or even embarrassed FOR someone, but OF?  That’s worthy of the stuff the JP sub-editors would approve.

But more to the point, WHO is Taylor Gardener?

I googled, and found a mechanic in Nebraska, but somehow doubt he’s got much interest in separatist movements in the UK.

Can some reader help?

Whoever he is, he’s surely more of a civilised being than the foul-mouth who scribbled THIS on his Twitter account. 

“I should have expected this, because if you’d asked me to estimate how many c***s there were in Scotland, I’d have said about 2 million.”

So – not that I’d ever wish to be acquainted with Frankie Boyle – who is he and why is he deemed worthy of mention?

That was my question, and I decided to ask that too of Google. Turns out he’s an ex-alky, ex-dope-head, who thinks being grossly offensive qualifies him as a ‘comedian.’




He’s also accused Israel of ‘apartheid’ policies and sought to succour some BERK  (that’s how you insult people politely, sir)  held in Guantanamo.

His record of ‘humour’ is frankly sickening, handicapped kids considered fair game.

What a sleazoid!