West Java’s Persecuted Christians – Freedom Hopes Loom!



Kompas reports that persecuted Christians here are hopeful at least one case may be resolved soon, with the imminent hand-over of power from President SBY to Jokowi, who has a significantly different track record on tolerance.

In Bogor, West Java, the Protestant GKI Yasmin congregation has been shamefully oppressed for years, denied access to their church, despite favourable rulings from both the Supreme Court and the National Ombudsman.

The local authorities, formerly under the fanatic Mayor Diani and currently under the so-called ‘moderate’ Mayor Bima, keep the house of worship sealed, and scenes of mayhem, with bussed in bigots from the GARIS lout outfit, whose leader recently declared himself the ISIS king-pin in Indonesia, have occurred.


The cops have been reduced to the role of referees between peaceful Christians and thuggish hoodlums. No order given to enforce the high court ruling, they stand disgraced in the eyes of Indonesia and the world.

For several years now, Yasmin and other victimised minorities have worshipped on the street, in downtown Jakarta (where I sometimes join them) right across from the Presidential Palace, praying and pleading for President SBY to lift a finger for freedom of religion.

That head of state ends his term of office next month.

So hopes of justice are rekindled.

And now Presidential Advisory Council Member, Albert Hasibuana, who has been trying his best for the Christians, has been to see the Religion Minister, Lukman. He, Lukman, had recently said and done some things to offer hope, after he replaced the dismal intolerant Suryadharma Ali.

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main-lukman-hakim4 Lukman

But alas,  Lukman gave only a short answer about the solution of the central government over the GKI Yasmin case. He was evasive about confirmation whether the government will soon implement the Supreme Court decision. 


Well, he probably won’t have long to reconsider his evasive answers.


jokowi-twitter Jokowi

President-Elect Jokowi is due to announce a new Cabinet, and unless Lukman gets real on tolerance for Christians, we could be seeing a new Minister for Religious Affairs – although frankly such a Ministry must be an anachronism in a modern state like Indonesia, which guarantees the right to worship in its constitution.

Religion should be something people observe in their own time.

School prayers okay, as the great majority of parents want, but state intervention, especially state subsidies to fanatics like the MUI, which continues to issue fatuous fatwas…

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… ought surely to be confined to ensuring all creeds are free to worship peacefully.


Presidential Advisory Council Member, Albert Hasibuan


Anyway, Albert is hopeful.



And so should we all be!