Awas! Macet2 Fanatik Besok Rabu, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta

Just going out now, but first a public service announcement for anyone commuting into town tomorrow!


ahok Ahok


Jakarta’s Deputy Governor, Tjahaja Basuki Purnama, better known as Ahok, is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the man whose ticket he ran on as Number Two. With President-Elect Jokowi due to be formally inaugurated next month, Ahok will by law be in charge of Indonesia’s capital city.

While Jokowi was off campaigning, Ahok took day-to-day control and has impressed me and many others with his assertive style. He has finally closed down the repulsive Stadium night-spot, overseen the departure of various deadbeats from the city administration, and refreshingly talks sense on all manner of issues – last week he repeated his demand that school-brawlers and bullies should be expelled, echoing what I said a year or more ago. 

Ayo, Ahok! Tawuran Jakarta? Kick the Louts OUT! 

He also has a distinguished record of opposing intolerant religous bigots  Islamist Minister Urges Appeasement – Hands Off Susan!  so it’s no surprise the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) detest him. as we reported a few days ago. Islamist Gang Confronts Jakarta Democracy 


The FPI may not be the stupidest fanatics in Jakarta, but to be fair, they sometimes seem to be striving for that title, and their current demand that Ahok’s clear constitutional right to succeed Jokowi is singularly clueless. The political/legal/constitutional process is incontrovertible. He will become Governor.

However, determined to make life wearisome for their fellow-citizens, the IslamoNazis are staging a demo tomorrow at 9am outside the City Hall in downtown Kebon Sirih, right by Jalan Jaksa and for sure it will cause massive traffic disruption, with the key Jalan Thamrin artery just a few hundred yards away.


  City Hall, Jakarta


According to, Ahok is relaxed about the demo plan… “It is their right!”

Exactly how many howling jihadists will join the white-shirt protest, it’s hard to say. The FPI have published a call to all Jakarta Muslims, scholars, Islamic Organizations and boarding schools, etc..

All Jakarta Muslims will certainly not be there – the extremists delude themlseves if they think they have widespread Muslim support.

But they particularly mention Betawi groups in their invitation. The Betawi are the ‘real’ Jakartans, who have lived here for centuries, since back when the city was called Batavia, and I’ve met some very nice ones.

But there are some nasties amongst them, who carry a hefty grudge over the fact that they’re now a minority in the city (much as English folk are now a minority in London!)

FBR Bigots Threaten Jakarta Church 

Those nasty elements also tend to include many sectarian louts, so I guess that’s why they are on the ‘guest-list.’

Interestingly, in their call for the Ministry of Home Affairs and/or the City Council to block Ahok’s elevation, one option raised by these fanatics is a city referendum.

That won’t happen, because the law is clear.

But if it did, I reckon Jakartans would show the same support for Ahok as Governor as they did when he stood for Deputy Governor.

Back then, rabid creeps shouted him down on the hustings, but the voters ignored the interventions of ‘scholars’ like the infamous ‘Cry-Baby’ Rhoma Irama, dangdut singer turned persecutor of minorities…

Big Blubber Walks Free – But is Irama’s Embrace the Kiss of Death? 

… and gave a splendid thumbs-up to this Christian  ethnic Chinese to hold high office in 90% Muslim Jakarta.

So no worries, Ahok!  But the traffic will still be a problem tomorrow!