Climate Critics for Guantanamo? Another Kennedy Hypocrite Menaces Free Speech!


Not a new story, but a new threat



It might be unfair to say that this latest Post-Camelot Cretin is a stinking hypocrite on a par with his late unlamented Uncle Edward ‘Girl-Drowner’  Kennedy but then that douche-bag would be a hard act for anyone to follow.

Nevertheless, RFK Jr. is a dangerous, demented dork and his call for critics of his climate panic policies to be persecuted/prosecuted qualifies him as a serious contender for the title of Public Enemy Number One, a crowded field in today’s USA.

Kennedy told Climate Depot that it is regrettable there are no laws on the books to curtail climate-change skepticism among lawmakers.

Maybe he reckons his pal Obama could stick ’em all into Guantanamo, once the jihadist terrs are all turned loose! Obama, after all, shares Kennedy’s simpleton mind-set on climate change.


Mind you ,Michelle was probably lucky just to have to listen to the old scold’s belly-aching. Given the Kennedy family history, it could have been a lot worse had he invited her for a midnight sea-side drive!

Anyway, just use the link to watch his antics!

Of course, it’s not only Americans who need to be  their guard against this Stalinoid creep and silly little ‘celebs’ like Leonardo De Caprio, whose starring roles in fictional tales seem to have led him into swallowing the IPCC’s cr@p, hook, line and sinker.

Yeah, he’s in the video too!

There are far too many twits from the media who have jumped on the bandwagon, despite enormous ignorance of what’s at stake. We can mock them, but the politicos are a menace – you can bet the taste for totalitarian tactics isn’t unique to RFK Jnr.