Hurt Feelings, ‘Racisits’ and Mob Rule – in Indonesia AND UK!

Last week I was about to post on a disgraceful example of rabble rule, a bunch of louts  arrogating to itself the right to determine what sort of meetings a university may hold.

A radical group has threatened to use force to close down a seminar on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) issues organized by Sanata Dharma University’s School of Psychology.

Most readers will know I have no time for the gaystapo, who target decent values in the West.

But a meeting in a college, to discuss such issues?

Free speech under threat from savages?

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Gotta speak up.

“We have requested the seminar be cancelled. If not, we will cancel it by force,” Muhammad Fuad, leader of the Ka’abah Defender Movement, one of the elements grouped under the Islamic Society Forum (FUI), said on Wednesday.



I wanted to urge the univeristy to stand firm. But I was overtaken by events.

Tempo’s recent report says that Sanata Dharma University in Jogja cravenly cancelled plans for a seminar on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex on 27 September.

I suppose no surprise is called for. The JP report had already indicated a degree of pusillanimity, the University Rector quoted thus – “We always have the option to cancel the seminar if we find out that it could hurt the feelings of some groups.”


F### their hurt feelings!

Universities in particular, and democracies in general, are not meant to be in the business of pampering tantrum brats.

Hurt feelings?

If that gal doesn’t show up, that you arranged to take to the movies, that’s hurt feelings

If you thought you’d got the job, after that interview, but you didn’t – that’s hurt feelings


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  • If you reckon your sectarian fanaticism should over-ride basic principles of free expression?

THAT IS NOT HURT FEELINGS. That’s crass intolerance


The Islamic People’s Forum (FUI)  had said the plan was insulting to Islam .

Not so!

Policies discussed would likely be in contradiction to that religion’s tenets, as to Christianity’s tenets and to most people here’s ideas of what’s decent and what is not.

But to dispute is not to insult.

The queers were not going to DO anything at the meeting, so I understand, no snogging or worse. They were simply going to discuss their ideas. I’d not much like listening to that, but tough – nobody would have forced me to do so.

But in a betrayal of academic freedom, the Rector, Johannes Eka Priyatma, buckled and cancelled. Disturbingly, he did so after a meeting with the Jogja Police. Evidently they had little interest in defending people’s rights to free expression of ideas.

And I find that pathetic. :

Yet no way can I single out Indonesia on this issue.

I just watched the news from UK, where a ranting ill-educated rabble, including one whose grasp of English is so bad that he or she managed to mis-spell ‘racist’ – so no, it wasn’t my typo in the headline – who shut down an exhibition (with an H!) in London.

Intelligent people would have urged a boycott, if they found it unacceptable, but these Hitlerian bootboys (and girls) decided to suppress free expression – just like IslamoNazis here.


Exibition? Ignoramuses!


Because it depicted the evil of slavery by showing some black actors in chains.

Do these yelping cretins imagine slaves, black or white, were NOT shackled? Did they get to dress in finery, walk about freely. Do the chains suggest slavery was OK? 

Is historical truth unacceptable? 

Evidently, because the organisers caved in to the morons! 

Art show Exhibit B called off after racism protests
BBC News


sod that

For God’s sake, Britain, grow a pair!