Cameron’s ‘Gay Pride’ Imperialism – Britannia’s Shame

Another shocking example of the UK Foreign Office engaging in blatant neo-colonialist interference in the internal affairs of other, sovereign states.


I missed this news when it happened, but it merits coverage as an instance of Cameron’s arrogance.
I hope Jakarta authorities note that this hostile act on London’s part, while not yet extended against Indonesia, could easily be.

  • It’s significant that even fellow-EU members, like Latvia and Estonia, and one of Britain’s oldest and most faithful friends – Australia – have already been targetted. Decent societies have to recall the motto, ‘Know your Enemy,’ and it is Britannia, these days.
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The Government says authorities in the countries have given permission for the British consulates to carry out the same-sex marriages.
The Consular Marriage and Marriages under Foreign Law Order 2014 means a total of 23 British consulates will be allowed to have the ceremonies…In July David Cameron said he wanted to export same-sex marriage around the world, as he held a Downing Street party for gay activists.

In the absence of plans by Cameron to allow interfaith weddings in UK diplomatic outposts in shariah-ruled countries, this is clearly a double-standard in operation, catering only for Cast-Iron’s favoured Fairy Circle.

 I can only agree with the columnist Richard Littlejohn.

“What does he hope to achieve by embarking on a mission to proselytise same-sex marriage around the world, other than to bask in the admiration of the gay lobby?
“It will only serve to reopen old wounds and alienate still further many of his own supporters, already heading to UKIP in droves.”