Good Move, Morrison! Anti-Bludger TPVs Back On Track!

Good news indeed from Oz, though ridiculous that a simple step needed to help deter the bludger-boats should have been obstructed for so long by the pro-crimmigrant lobby, using the courts to defy democracy.


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  • Best you read the whole linked story, but the hypocrisy of the Labor Party shines through. 

Opposition spokesman Richard Marles  —“Scott Morrison seeks to present himself as the tough man of Australia’s borders, but what we are seeing in this minister is a man who absolutely knows how to backflip,” he said.


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  • Hardly a back-flip! If Labor had acted as a Loyal Opposition should, Scott Morrison would not have needed to do the deal with the PUP that’s in the news.

 It looks like Labor is bound and determined to ignore the sage advice they got before the election from their own Foreign Minister Bob Carr. 

  • Senator Carr famously identified Australia’s enemies within during the election campaign.
  • “If you want to embrace the Greens-Left-Fairfax-ABC position, you are going to go backwards at the next election,” he said, according to Labor sources quoted by The West Australian.
  • New Labor/Green Bid to Stab Oz in the Back? 

Greens spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young said “There is no pathway to permanency for the bulk of asylum seekers and refugees that this bill will deal with.”

Let’s hope she’s right!


There’s always a first time for everything.