Turkey – Or Cuckoo in the NATO Nest?

So Obama reckons maybe in a year’s time he’ll have got a few thousand ‘Free Syrian Army’ soldiers trained and ready to take on ISIS – who will outnumber them at least five to one.




And the reliability of FSA as anti-jihadists is problematic, putting it very mildly, as the above photo reminds us.

But hang on – we have a large number of brave Kurds neither needing nor wanting months of ‘training’  in the desert – they want to get stuck into ISIS right now, for the highly motivating reason that ISIS are waging merciless war on their kith and kin.


Police said they wanted to stop Kurdish fighters entering Syria, the Associated Press reported, while local TV said Kurds had been trying to deliver aid. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-29299569


turkey syria border


I don’t know, but given that Kurds have proven their mettle already, I tend to think the ‘fighters’ description is accurate. Whatever, they are out to thwart the murderous rapists tormenting that swathe of the Middle East.

And Erdogan won’t let them. Part of the bargain he struck with ISIS to get his hostages out?

Or, dare we ask, was the whole ‘hostage’ carry-on just an elaborate pantomime so that Erdogan, when later – as he will be -exposed as providing aid and comfort to evil, can say he was obliged by circumstances to do so?

I wouldn’t put it past him!

After all, he’s no friend to the West – he wouldn’t even do the right thing in terms of crimmigration without extracting a powerful pound of flesh.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/good-neighbour-turkey-only-after-eussr-visa-bribe/