Jakarta Ethnic Cleansing? Murder Threat No Big Deal?

One expects scumbags to behave abominably, but if journos in Jakarta City Hall could hear some white-shirt moron call for the ethnic cleansing of Indonesia’s capital, and another hoodlum call for the murder of the Acting Governor…




…were the hundreds of police on duty wearing ear-muffs?

While entering the City Council, one FPI member shouted “If [Ahok] dares to challenge us Betawi people even once, I will not sit still. I’ll rid Jakarta of all its ethnic Chinese residents!”




Another member responded with “Kill Ahok!”

Obviously, a racist demand for ethnic cleansing breaches the ‘SARA’ law here, SARA being the acronym for ethnic hate offences, and merits prompt police action. Obviously, in just about any country you care to name, a call for murder merits police attention.

Yes, these are rank-and-filers, not the leadership of the demo, who are so much more modest in their deportment.


habib salimx Habib Selon


The IslamoNazi FPI’s Jakarta Gauleiter,  Habib Selon, clarified their sectarianism.Ahok does not deserve to lead Jakarta because it is a majority Muslim city.”

Habib’s boss, FPI Secretary General, Novel Bamu’min, amplified their concerns on Ahok. “His religion causes anxiety among Muslims ..”

No, it does not.

I was all over town yesterday, as most days, and since almost 90% of Jakarta is Muslim, I’d have noticed. There was anxiety visible on the streets, due to the traffic. And in the shops, anxiety at prices was often visible (incuding mine, when I saw a bottle of Bintang costs over Rp.30,000 now!)

But listening to people on the buses and in the stores, not a mention , ever, not just yesterday, of Ahok’s religion.

THAT causes ‘anxiety’ among a handful of demented bigots, who have no mandate, much less proof of support, from ordinary Jakarta Muslims. They got under 500 along to their demo, in a city of between ten and twenty million people. 

habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi Novel

  • And note, Novel’s ire focuses on not what Ahok says or does, but on his religion.

Mind you, one particular misdeed is mentioned, viz.open-call selection, whereby several Christian leaders were selected to lead Muslim-majority areas.


He chooses the best man, or woman, for the job, regardless of religion.

And mention of women requires a flash-back to Novel’s blatant sexist prejudice, when one such Christian lady, Susan, in Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta, was appointed. 


ahok  Ahok is quoted- “I’ve had enough of such remarks. Why should I care?”


But the Jakarta Police should care about death threats and race hatred exhortations, surely?


  • 20120312Rikwanto-180212xx
  • Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto told The Jakarta Post that the police would continue to monitor the FPI’s activities in case of any violations of the law.
  • ===========================================

Rikwanto explained that the police would only take action if the FPI committed an obvious violation. Otherwise, the police would have to wait for a report to be filed. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/09/25/fpi-threatens-chinese-indonesians.html

When the weather was freezing cold, in my long-ago school recesses, often wearing those ear-muffs the Jakarta cops don’t wear, we’d demand to be re-admitted from the playground with a song suitable to this situation.


The answer may be found in a post we published over two years ago  – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/off-with-his-head-jakarta-cops-no-sweat-on-murder-threat/ – when a young Islamist thug yelled death threats at Pastor Palti – the senior cop on the scene clearly heard but merely strolled away, instead of charging the scumbag. There’a video.

A thug was eventually brought to court, along with that pastor ( for defending himself!)

Death-Threat Islamist Thug – 18 Cent Fine, Probation 

The verdict on the thug may have made other police ask themselves if it was even worth the effort of prosecution.

PS In fairness, I should mention Novel’s other criticisms of Ahok – ‘…he is arrogant. He insulted civil servants who were older than him for failing to perform well.’

Arrogant? It’s about time some time-servers got a boot up their slack asses.