Tough Theresa May? If She Fails This Test, Fire Her!

CHILD rapist . . . Shakil Chowdhury is now out of prison and has British citizenship.


This filthy brute raped a 12-year-old child, got a derisory sentence from a jerk judge, and has not been deprived of the British citizenship he had been inexplicably awarded.  

The Home Office has the authority to deprive him of this in the interests of the public.

It happened in Oldham, Lancashire. 

Samantha Roberts, now 20, was horrified when her rapist, Shakil Chowdhury, was sentenced to only six years in October 2007. Chowdhury, 39 at the time, served only three years before his release on licence.


Yesterday Cameron was wringing his hands about ISIS beasts who rape children, but today Samantha and her lawyer are still waiting to hear if Cameron’s Home Secretary, Theresa May, is going to do her duty.


TheresaMay_1685363c Theresa May likes to make out she’s tough – we’ll soon find out!


The lawyer says  – “They have the authority to remove a convicted child rapist from our country and this to me is a no-brainer. This man is dangerous and should not be allowed to stay.”

Actually, he should be put down, but…

Ms. May fancies her chances as a ‘rightwing’ successor to Cameron. I’ve always doubted her posturing. Here’s an opportunity to show us what she’s really made of.