Blaming Patriots – Sweden’s Cameron Pays Price for Death-Wish Acquiescence!

Conservative Home, the British website, often has interesting articles, some of which make sense.

But earlier this month, its boss, Mark Wallace, produced a gem of faulty reasoning, about the recent Swedish parliamentary election.




the Sweden Democrats, standing on a eurosceptic, anti-immigration platform, railing against liberal, metropolitan elites, saw their vote rise by 7.2 percentage points to become the third largest party – a gain almost identical to the losses suffered by Reinfeldt’s Moderates.

And those ‘Moderates’ lost power, the Left taking their place as the governing coalition. So Mark reckons it’s the bad SD party to blame? Yes, he does!

  • As a result, Sweden will become no more eurosceptic or anti-immigration…
  • Quite true, but Mark misses the point, Sweden will indeed become no more eurosceptic or anti-immigration..

But equally it will become NO LESS eurosceptic or anti-immigration.

Reinfeldt’s Moderates are just as blatant multicult Eurogrovellers as the Swedish Left. Reinfeldt even declared in advance of the people’s verdict that he would refuse to contemplate any coalition with the SD patriot party.

In fact, he urged Swedes to turn their backs on its efforts to cut immigration. During the election campaign, the premier called on voters to “open their hearts” to refugees and immigrants.




So Reinfeldt’s reign in Stockholm, his party’s platform, made clear his indifference to the truth that Sweden has suffered something akin to national self-degradation as a result of its wide-open-door policy on undesirable aliens. Although the small Scandinavian country has a population of only nine million, its cultural marxist establishment has embraced some TWENTY percent of Europe’s ‘asylumer’ parasites.

And since Reinfeldt took office, immigration has DOUBLED!

Multi -Cult Hell – Alien Ingrates Run Amok in Sweden 

If Reinfeldt had spoken up, if his ‘Moderates’ had adopted anything like sanity, like opposition to the death-wish ‘asylum’ policy, like preservation of Sweden as Sweden and not a mad-house burdened by marauding crimmigrant ingrates…

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…then he could have avoided the loss of most of those SD votes. Had any established party shown concern for Swedes rather than savages, the SD would never have emerged from obscurity.

Yet listen to Mark!

An anti-immigration party on the right, helping to put the Left into government despite their failure to make electoral headway, at the expense of a centre-right coalition…what lessons might there be for Britain, and UKIP, from Sweden?


 Cameron and Reinfeldt – treason’s no laughing mstter!


What lessons indeed!

The plain lesson is that, like Sweden’s ‘Moderates,’  the UK’s ‘Conservatives’ have been exposed as arrogantly indifferent to their own people’s wishes.

Cameron’s lies about reducing the migration menace, about that ‘cast-iron’ referendum pledge, his surrender of British border controls to Brussels….

The lesson for UKIP is to press on, push forward on a principled platform of putting British people first.

If there are Tories who agree with that principle, their course of action is clear – follow Carswell’s example  – as Reckless this week did – and join UKIP, the only honourable option for patriots.