IslamoNazi Thugs Amok Downtown – Seven Jakarta Cops Injured!

After the murder threats and hate-speech…  

Jakarta Ethnic Cleansing? Murder Threat No Big Deal? 

…and the sexual assault of a journalist last week…

Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic 

…the IslamoNazi FPI took to the streets again today, another sectarian rally against the horrid prospect of a Christian becoming Governor of Jakarta.

And the hoodlum gang turned their vile mentality into action today, white-shirt scumbags hurling stones at police on duty at City Hall.

  • anfpi2
  • And not just stones..

…stones, broken glass, animal faeces and the objects

Four officers were injured, taken by surprise by the sudden eruption of voiolence.

‘We didn’t have time to grab our shields,’ said one cop. 

Usually these craven curs like to attack people they reckon defenceless, like the woman who diedlast year  in Sukorejo..

IslamoNazis Who Fled Angry Java Town – Now Off to Fight in Israel? Ha-Ha-Ha! 

…or the office workers having an inoffensive meal at the street food-stall in Makassar a year or so ago…



…but may the jihadist jerks got carried away by rabid rhetoric.

However it went down, one hopes the tear gas used by the cops to disperse the rabble inflicted considerable discomfort. Pity they didn’t use their side-arms. 

President SBY is due to demit office this month. He and his Ministers have failed to outlaw this fanatic thug group. But there’s still time.

PS -three more cops reported injured.