Bag-Heads? You’re Wrong, Tony – Burkas Are Barbaric (P.S. – vote in the poll!)

I don’t like criticising Tony Abbott, because he is a cut above almost all other Western leaders  – I use the ‘almost’ but can’t honestly think of any better.




He’s done a pretty good job on the crimmigrant parasite issue, though there’s always room for improvement.  A start on mass deportation would be welcome.

And of course he hasn’t sought to restore capital punishment. A referendum at the least is in order.

But his statement that he’ll not take action to rid Australian society of the bag-head blight is surely a grave mistake, because it would be so simple to implement – and have useful spin-off benefits, not least the departure of the most recalcitrant backward bints, and their kin..

The burka is, in and of itself, a declaration of war on women. 


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If the pathetic creatures that wear them will not take them off, they should take themselves off, to some Dark Age domain where sexist subjugation is acceptable.

Admittedly the inevitable outcome of the poisonous multicult ideology, legitimising bag-headery nevertheless represents a pitiful surrender to barbarism. 

THINK AGAIN, Mr. Abbott!