Gantung Diri? Give Anas Enough Rope…?

An honest man’s the noblest work of God!

So said Rabbie Burns, Scotland’s Bard, and I just saw one on tv, an ordinary citizen who’s walked all the way from Indramayu, a long way indeed, carrying a rope.


  •   Masnun with his peripatetic rope
  • ============================================
  • Why? There are plenty of ropes here.

Well, a prominent politician, Anas Urbaningrum, a former leading light in President SBY’s Democrat Party, was reported a while ago as pledging to hang himself from Monas, the National Monument, if he were convicted of corruption.

Perhaps, or perhaps not, swayed by this promise, the court duly found him guilty!

But so far, no sign of any such  improvement to the famous Jakarta landmark!



‘Having requested to be hanged at Monas, Anas starts panicking’


Now Masnun of Indramayu has become something of a media star – I just saw him on TVOne, half an hour ago, still hopeful that his rope will be put to good use in enhancing the appeal of Monas to tourists and locals alike. 

Actually, Monas and its surrounding park is a pleasant place to hang out on a Sunday arvo.

But it gets hot.


  • ===========================
  • If Anas, who is currently disowning the undertaking imputed to him in the nation’s media ( ‘mis-spoke,’ as Obama’s PR team might say?) were to be hung from the golden flame at the top of the column, it could only be a short-term improvement.
  • The stench would become noisome within 48 hours.