Twenty Officers Injured – So Jakarta Cops ‘Negotiate’ With islamist Thug Gang?

Not quite shocked, this being Jakarta, but nevertheless slightly aghast, that Jakarta’s top cop won’t go in hard and fast to catch the sectarian hoodlums whose  thuggery resulted in no less than TWENTY of his men suffering injuries, some serious, last week.

You can find a video of the rabid rabble on this link ––rusuhnya-demo-fpi-tolak-ahok-jadi-gubernur-dki






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Instead, ludicrously, Jakarta’s Police Chief , Unggung Cahyono, says he’s ‘negotiating’ with the gang leader Habib Rizieq in hopes of bringing the alleged instigators to justice.



habib_rizieq_temui_hasyim_muzadi Rizieq


Unggung himself says it was no spontaneous eruption of mayhem.

‘FPI engineered the rally to end in violence as the protesters arrived with rocks in their trucks.

But even so, the white-shirt mobsters he’s after, among them a notorious fanatic often featured here on RRA…

… Habib Novel Bamumin, the IslamoNazi Secretary-General, remain on the loose.


habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi Novel


The story gets more bizarre the more you read.

Unggung took 200 officers to the gangster lair in the city centre to apprehend the scumbags, but Rizieq  ‘apparently refused to turn over’ the lout leaders.

Right, pretty straightforward situation!

If Unggung thinks the hoods are hiding there, move in, take the place apart.

If they ain’t, then it’s aiding and abetting, or obstruction. Just haul pudgy ex-con Rizieq in and station a platoon of cops in the IslamoNazi bunker.

Put out an APB and hunt the wanted hoods down. Issue and order to use all necessary means to bring them in – including use of those fire-arms which all police here carry.

Not a difficult order to issue, if twenty of your men are recovering from wounds inflicted by a pack of cowardly bigot rioters?


“We’re still negotiating with Habib [Rizieq]!” said Unggung.

Since when do cops negotiate with vicious mobsters!?