Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!”





In case there’s anybody left in Indonesia who does not regard the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’ as a pathetic pack of pusillanimous pukes, a big hand, please, to Salim Bin Umar Alattas, Jakarta Gauleiter of the IslamoNazi FPI, for making it as clear as day.


Rude Ahok  ahok

versus     Courteous Salim  habib salimx


“He is not a Muslim and he is too arrogant, his words are rude and he calls people names!” 
(Jakarta Globe, yesterday)

Well, yes, Acting Governor Ahok’s not a Muslim, not, thank God, like Salim, but then there are Muslims and Muslims (something I really wish some of my readers would take on board)

There are the many nice Muslim people I know here, some close friends, others just regular folk who go through life without wearing the mantle of malice and menace by which the FPI is instantly recognisable.

But sectarian intolerance is only Salim’s first motive for objection to the Chinese-ethnic Christian.

Ahok is RUDE!  



Oh boohoohoo.

And Ahok calls people names!

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Is this not the very same FPI whose ‘high priest,’ Habib Rizieq, denounced President SBY as a banci, a cross-dressing male hooker, when he didn’t cave in to one of their sectarian campaigns a while back? –