Look At Me, Melinda Dee, Enjoying Life and Liberty!!!!

Always enjoy a good excuse to post a photo of an outstanding woman, and Melinda Dee is certainly that.

Melinda Dee 2

You may recall she was a sterling example of female advancement at Citibank, until she went to prison.
But prison apparently doesn’t agree with Melinda, for she has not been spending a lot of time there recently, despite the fact that her sentence has quite a way to go.


Seems she fell over and as a result, her silicon-packed boobs are leaking, one of them at least.
How she fell is not explained in the report, but it does occur to me that if she even leaned forward half an inch, the force of gravity would become irresistible.



Yes, well, get well soon, honey. It’s hardly the first time you have suffered from such mean maladies.

Citibank Shockers – Update, in response to popular demand! 

Anyway, the authorities’ excuse for her absence, that she’s not well, might bear scrutiny better were she confined to a hospital bed, but she’s been photographed in splendid apparel at fancy functions.
Must watch out for her at my next party!

Prison authorities and the police are sensitive to criticism on these matters, since that ghastly little man meant to be in Jakarta detention was spotted, and photographed, enjoying a tennis match in Bali!

It might also be worth the media’s time to ask for a look at Melinda’s cell – occasional cell? – to see whether she shares the gloomy lodgings of less glam convicts. Past experience makes one wonder sometimes.

Remember Artalyta?


  Artalyta in her dank dungeon


An impromptu visit…by the Judicial Mafia Taskforce to the Pondok Bambu Penitentiary in East Jakarta where Artalyta was imprisoned led to the discovery that Artalyta had been enjoying special treatment during her imprisonment. Her room had air conditioning, a karaoke set and a personal assistant.  http://www.hrwg.org/en/hrwg/news/national/item/1150-five-star-prisoner-artalyta-scheduled-for-release-on-parole?tmpl=component&print=1


However, I’m not a harsh fellow. If I spot Melinda out and about, I’ll gladly offer her sanctuary – wonder if she’s good at ironing.

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