Bali? Beware! Airport Rip-Off And No Returns!

Ngurah Rai International Airport 3 Ngurah Rai Airport


If you plan to take a break in Bali, please take note of a sad but cautionary tale, of a middle-aged German, who flew into the Isle of the Gods, only to have his money stolen before he left the airport!

He went through an X-ray check and placed his money belt alongside his other luggage, but when he passed the check, the money-belt was gone, and it contained over TWENTY THOUSAND EUROS! 


foreign money


Some sleazoid behind the German in the queue had taken it, and the cur was caught on CCTV.

But alas, despite the clear ID, and presumably all passenger info, it took from late July until nearly TWO MONTHS LATER before the thieving swine was nabbed. And it seems this ratbag was no traveller but a resident!


c7f1d-day11-evildead2. What’s worse, when finally arrested, in a Dunkin Donuts, he’d gotten through most of his ill-gotten gains.  

The thief who works at a laundry in Bali told police that the money was used to purchase a car, a motorcycle, send money to friends and family, and make personal bank deposits.

Let’s hope this no-good is kept behind bars till his no-good friends and family collect enough to pay back the innocent victim.