Kasihan Kobane! Erdogan…Echoes of Warsaw 1944?

Turkey – Or Cuckoo in the NATO Nest? 


Watching the horrendous news today from the small city of Kobane in Syria, I could not help but think of Warsaw in 1944.


The Polish Home Army rose up against the German Occupation.The Red Army had advanced to within sight of the Polish capital, so the brave Poles rose up to liberate their city, confident that Allied help would enable them to defeat Hitler’s forces.
Instead, Stalin ordered his powerful forces to sit back and relax. The West was far away, air support rendered futile by the distance and by Moscow’s refusal to cooperate.
The Poles were crushed. Churchill, to his credit, pleaded that they get the help they needed. but Roosevelt, as ever, would not confront the Soviets. who soon enslaved Poland, a long night. till Lech Walensa emerged in Gdansk and ultimately restored freedom to his country.


I last week watched some newsreel from Kurdistan.


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  • The Kurds too, like those long-dead Polish warriors, are courageous. They also struck me as much more civilised than many of the peoples who live around them, their women fighting side-by-side with their menfolk, no squalid sexist nonsense such as afflicts so much of the Middle East.


 Islamist Erdogan


Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Erdogan’s sectarian regime is just sitting there, observing as the primitives triumph, Kurds fighting street-to-street, house-to-house, to prevent what sadly seems like an inevitable nightmare, the ISIS evil with its slaughter and slavery and rapine.  And Erdogan’s army is not only observing but has been obstructing Kurds who want to cross the border and take up the fight against evil.

What rotten game is Ankara playing?  Something very like Stalin’s, methinks, seventy years ago. Ideology different in trappings but essentially one as oppressive and totalitarian as the other.

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And Obama’s air-strikes? Too little, too late. 

All so similar to Warsaw, 1944.