Tony Tackling Hizbut Hate-Freaks – Craven Cameron Still Wimps Out!

Tony Abbott has declared he plans to fulfil at least part of a pre-election pledge to outlaw Hizbut Tahrir. Those of us living in Jakarta know all about them.

According to a breaking news story, asked by broadcaster Alan Jones about a proposed event featuring political Islamists Hizb ut-Tahrir in Sydney, Abbott said there would be new laws, ‘hopefully by the end of the year’, making it illegal to promote terrorism, not just engage in it. But Abbott said he would also ‘swiftly’ seek a new system that went further, to keep foreign spokespeople from groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir from entering the country..

This is exactly what needs to be done, but ONLY for starters.

Hizbut Tahrir – Time To Outlaw Australia’s Enemy Within? 

That HT is a worldwide cancer, exuding hatred for democracy ( and for Jews) and although its so-called ‘clerics’ flit around the globe, giving aid and comfort to those in other countries already infected with their poisonous ideology, there’s little point in stopping plague-rats getting in if you don’t get rid of those rabid rodents already scuttling around indoors.

Like who?

oHere’s an extract from our post last week.

Uthman Badar, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia.

Uthman Badar

This fanatic lives in Sydney, N.S.W., but was born somewhere else – and he really ought to be deported back there. He is in every possible way disloyal – his active role in HT is evidence enough, because their stated objective is to submerge EVERY country’s sovereign status and have them ruled by the same sort of caliphate that ran the Middle East centuries ago.


     Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar yesterday defended the group’s draft constitution for their proposed Islamic state, despite it demanding that Muslims who leave the religion “are to be executed” while all males aged 15 or over were “obliged to undergo military training in readiness for jihad”  Daily Telegraph 5/7/13


  • hizbut democracy Hizbut’s beliefs – ‘Democracy, a Khaffir System’

He cannot, and probably will not, deny what my paragraph above says about his evil outfit. Their murderous code is clear. Badar’s not fit to live in any civilised country.

The same goes for all his ilk, whether HT or any other so-called ‘Australians’ who put their supranational ideology above allegiance to Queen and Country. Round them up and kick them out.

But what about poor little Cast-Iron (‘Call me Dave’) back in the Old Country?




He told us years ago he’d ban them, but his dainty little hands are tied.

How so?

Not by the British people, who’d be delighted to see sectarian scumbags banned, and more delighted still to see them deported.

Nor by Parliament. Cameron could introduce emergency legislation overnight. His Coalition partners, the LibDems, and the Labour Opposition, would be on the spot for sure – do their duty to the realm and support a ban, or quibble and stand exposed as givers of aid and comfort to the common enemy of every decent human being.

But he won’t.



Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


BECAUSE OF THAT DAMNABLE DEGENERATE CABAL IN STRASBOURG, the European Court of Human Rights! But all he does is make mealy-mouthed suggestions which preclude exiting the cabal’s control.

Craven Cameron – ‘A Margin of Appreciation’ Trumps Sovereignty! 

What a gormless gutless galah!