Erdogan, No Enemy of Evil, No Friend to the Brave!

My Grandpa’s generation had considerable respect for Turks, who proved to be fearsome foes on the battlefield. Grandpa served on the Western Front, but after the Great War he talked to others vets who’d been in the Middle East and I recall references to Johnny Turk and how it was a bad idea to mess with that gent. 


  •  Turkish soldiers, 1915
  • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • What would he think of Erdogan today, after the past 24 hours when sectarian scum battled with Kurds on Turkey’s streets and Erdogan’s battle-wagons idled, and idle still, on the border at Kobane, while the satanic ISIS enemy close in?


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  • Not a lot!
  • Erdogan is an enemy of all that Grandpa was told he’d fought for, after 1918.
  • Self-determination, for a start.

As my commenter Joanne said last night, the word in Ankara was that Kobane would not be allowed to fall, And my thanks to her for that further quote. 

Syrian Kurds, however, have scoffed at the rhetoric coming out of Ankara. They say that not only are the Turks not helping, they are actually hindering the defence of Kobani by preventing Kurdish militiamen in Turkey from crossing the border into the town to help in the fight.
“We are besieged by Turkey, it is not something new,” said Ismet Sheikh Hassan, the Kurdish defence chief for the Kobani region.

The truth has a habit of emerging, even when the two-faced liars of the Islamist regime that currently misrules Turkey do their utmost to cloud the issue.

Meanwhile, it’s important to keep on about the calibre of the people who are being left in the lurch by Erdogan. Again, I refer to the Kurdish women. 

“Everybody is fighting in Kobani. There are women my age who have been given hand grenades to throw,” said 63-year-old Alife Ali, as she waited in the hospital, a small child in her arms.



“Our people dug a [16 feet] deep and wide ditch around the town to protect it. We will fight to the last person.” (Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 6, 2014)

Compare and contrast these heroic ladies to the pathetic bag-heads seen across the rest of the Middle East, who are kept like domestic animals.

 People mired in that backward nonsense should have no place in any Western countries. They are mill-stones round the neck of any civilised society. They do not accept, because they do not understand, the basics of equal rights for men and women.

If things go bad in Kurdistan. let’s offer asylum to the Kurdish women. In the long run, it would be good to send them home safely but meantime, shelter and protect them.

They deserve it.