Jakarta Fanatic Demo Falls Flat – Only 100 – Including Geriatric Jihadists!

Good to hear that today’s sectarian hate-fest against Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok did not turn into another example of fanatic mayhem, but then according to the Jakarta Post, only 100 people showed up, including numerous geriatric jihadists plus a straggle of benighted people’s brats.

…the FPI also invited women, children and the elderly….

Some 400 cops were on stand-by!


Why would anyone drag little kids along to such an event?

Well, primitives do that kind of thing.

And not just here – we saw it in Australia not that long ago! Amazingly, that child in Oz was not removed from those who poisoning his young mind. Teaching tots that murdering people for what they say or think is acceptable?





But that’s Australia. Here we are tonight in Jakarta….

…and I must say that this pathetic turn-out is truly reassuring. The FPI’s Fuhrerin, on whom we posted earlier today, had urged ‘ beloved Muslim women‘ to attend.

Warning – Fanatic Females Mobilise Against Ahok! 

So either there are very few of those – unlikely, given Jakarta’s ( 90% Muslim ) population of between 10 and 20 million – or they had heeded the fuhrer of another fanatic gang involved in the anti-Ahok agitation, the FUI.

Last week, after some filthy IslamoNazi indecently assaulted a female journo at their bigot mob gathering, he reportedly told her what she ought to do to avoid molestation!

Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic

So did 99% of  our fine city’s beloved Muslim women stay away out of a sense of self-preservation?

Or was it, perhaps, that – as I’ve said before – Indonesian ladies, whether Muslim or Christian or whatever, are smart and take an interest in what goes on here and are therefore very well aware of the IslamoNazis’ brazen contempt for their sex (I won’t say ‘gender’ – that’s a grammar term hi-jacked by pinko PC pukes!)  


habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi

Habib Novel, now in custody


Indeed, the FPI’s neat blend of sexism and sectarianism was perfectly summed up by the gutless creep who went on the run after the recent mayhem, and has now turned himself in.