Warning – Fanatic Females Mobilise Against Ahok!

This is basically a traffic jam warning for any readers going into town today.


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  • She’s urging all ‘beloved Musim women’ to show up at Jakarta City Hall today, where the most notorious sectarian gangs in the archipelago, the FUI and FPI, will pursue their hate campaign against the Christian Governor Ahok. This news comes via another old friend, Habib Idurs, the FPI Gauleiter in Depok, West Java – read about him on our older posts here.

Habib FPI Depok Habib Idrus

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West Java – IslamoNazis Rant at Valentine ‘Virus!’ 

  • Idrus takes the trouble to point out that this is not about the arrest of 21 jihadist scumbags last week after the islamoNazis rioted and injured dozens of cops, but a Peaceful Action, to ‘thwart‘ Ahok’s elevation from Acting Governor to Governor, which is his constitutional right, since Jokowi has to vacate the capital’s top job when he is inaugurated as President.
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  • I’m curious about these fanatic females. 

Of course we know that psychotic bints from the UK, and elsewhere, occasionally zoom off to help the rape-gang called ISIS in the Middlle East. I’m no sexist, so of course I maintain there should be no discrimination in our treatment of those. Every ISIS pig corralled should be slaughtered.


But Syarifah’s not at all like those demented sorts, remember – she wants a Peaceful Action! 


If that happens, it will be different from the usual FPI style -they have a very long record of vicious violence, masked hoodlums amok.


  • demo-fpi-hi-foto-reuter-566-ok-500x272 Masked IslamoNazis in Jakarta
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  • But it’s important to be fair.

Here in Indonesia, most women are delightful. They are smart, funny, and usually lovely to behold.


I give you a few examples.

anggun-1 Anggun  Dewi Persik Dewi-Persik-Beredar-Di-Internet


Baby-Margaretha-Indonesian-Model6 Baby Margaretha


DebbyAyu_foto_seksi_bikini_hot (1) Debby Ayu


There are many more, not least the outstanding Roro Fitria whom you can see in all, or at least most, of her glory, here –

.So it’s only fair I offer you a look at the leading lady of the FPI, so you may compare and contrast, not just the words that flow from her shrouded head but also the beauty of the source from which those words flow.  



Interestingly, the Kompas.com report makes no mention if Syarifah condemned the sexual assault on the female journalist by an IslamoNazi scumbag during the demo that turned into mayhem, or the beating meted out to the girl on the bike who just wanted to get through the rabble.

Jakarta – Islamist Thugs Batter Defenceless Woman!! 

Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic 

habib-fpi-rizieq Rizieq

But then if she follows the ideology of her husband, she equally sees nothing wrong with being denied equal inheritance rights because she’s a woman, nor the fact that Rizieq, her husband, may, if he wants, enjoy up to four wives while she may only have one spouse, nor of course that Rizieq, High Priest of the FPI, is not required to hide his good looks under a head-shroud, while she, sadly must.