Kidderminster’s Quislings! Brit Kids Second-Class Citizens – in the UK!



I see the PC enemy within now openly treats British kids as second-class citizens, overt discrimination imposed on them by the cultural marxist enemy within .




St Mary’s C of E Primary School in Kidderminster, Worcs., laid on a petting zoo visit on Tuesday for non-English speaking pupils only, while pupils who did speak the language had to stay in lessons.


====teachers -That’s the cultural marxist message to Kidderminster’s British schoolchildren!


Obviously, if aliens choose to settle in Britain, it’s their duty to learn English, and see to it their offspring do so too. Expecting the UK tax-payer to do their job for them is sheer arrogance. The necessary funds  for language tuition fees should be a pre-requisite for aspirant immigrants.

OK, currently that cost is just another albatross hung around the necks of honest hard-working British folk. But instilling English into these aliens’ young is one thing.

Blatant apartheid is another.

  • The rancid red rats running this school should be fired. Children expect FAIRNESS from their teachers, but these creeps are morally on a par with Vidkun Quisling, who chose to collaborate with Norway’s alien intruders back in WW II!  

And remember, this kind of poison has spread much further than Kidderminster. It’s all over the UK .

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And at every educational level.

Pandering to Primitives? UK Uni Censors Students’ Knees – and Shoulders! 

If aliens wish to study in British schools or universities, they should be made to understand these are located in an English-speaking country, and should be inculcating British values, which have always included FAIR PLAY!

A wholesale purge of traitors in the education industry is long overdue!