“Abajo Comunismo!” Bravo, Young Freedom-Fighters!

I don’t see many Charles Manson T-Shirts aroud these days.



Nor any Pol Pot T-shirts, nor Myra Hindley T-shirts either.


  Myra Hindley


Nor have I ever done. No sane person would wish to go out and about wearing grotesque commemorations of sicko psycho mass-murderers.


Yet one mass-murderer still leers out from some people’s clothing.


Metro TV  - Kemarin, Che Guevara (Penjahat Komunis) - Siapa Besok? D.N.Aidit (PKI)?


Yup, you got it.


Happily, that excellent organisation, Young Americans for Freedom, held a ‘No More Che Day’ on campuses across the USA last week, exposing the vile Communist killer for what he really was – and here’s part of a splendid article on the event and on Guevara’s evil, from FrontPageMagazine, by Cuban patriot Humberto Fontova.

…most of Che’s “rifle-toting” was done in the face of utterly unarmed enemies. “When you saw the beaming look on Che’s face as the victims were tied to the stake and blasted apart by the firing squad,” said a former Cuban political prisoner Roberto Martin-Perez to your humble servant here, “you saw there was something seriously, seriously wrong with Che Guevara.”

This passage is from Ernesto Guevara’s famous Motorcycle Diaries, though Robert Redford somehow overlooked it while directing his heart-warming movie...   .http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/humberto-fontova/the-yaf-celebrates-no-more-che-day-on-campuses-nationwide/

Well, we know Redford is a conscienceless pinko toe-rag from way back. Look (above) at what he said about the terrorist gangsters run by Obama’s comrade/mentor William Ayers. 

How come such a man, who’s prospered immensely from free enterprise in a democratic society, could play down |(to put it mildly) the truth of the Ghoul Guevara,thus promoting the lie that Cuba is something other than a hell-hole run by a self-serving marxist oligarchy?

Sadly, he’s not the only one.

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