Love Oz Or Leave It – Worthless Woolworths Sell Out to Enemy Within!


One of the best songs sung in the Sixties was ‘Fightin’ Side Of Me,’ by Merle Haggard. He shared the disgust felt my all decent Americans at the pro-communist peaceniks who were giving aid and comfort to the Reds in South East Asia. It’s best line was surely –

‘If You Don’t Love It, Leave It!’

It applies equally today to the enemy within Western countries, including Australia, the evil aliens who put supranational sectarian allegiance above Queen and Country.

But some pinko creeps are affronted by the suggestion that traitors should be banished.



And Woolworths must be the creepiest pinko business operation on Aussie high streets.



A Woolworths spokesman said the shirt was stocked inadvertently in the Cairns shop and another in Sydney. 

“It has come to our attention that two Woolworths stores were inadvertently stocking a singlet that we consider totally unacceptable,” the spokesman said.

But the renegade ratbag doesn’t say WHY it’s unacceptable! Patriotism isn’t part of their marketing strategy – that’s the only possible explanation.