Anchor-Babies Ruled OUT – Crimmigrant Off-Spring Are NOT Australian!

Great news, not just that a court can get it right, an unusual event in some countries, but that Oz no longer faces the menace of ‘anchor-babies.’

A JUDGE has thrown out a legal test case challenging the Federal Government’s decision to refuse a baby born in Brisbane a protection visa because his parents were asylum seekers.

Brisbane Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Jarrett today dismissed an application by lawyers on behalf of baby Ferouz, now 11 months, finding the child was an “unauthorised maritime arrival” under the Migration Act 1958….


  • Latifar asylum seeker
  • Ludicrous Latifar, another alien ingrate, with the non-Aussie babe


The child’s mother, Latifar, was allowed to come to Australia from her detention centre and enjoy medical facilities paid for from the public purse. We covered this a few months ago. 

Insufferable Ingratitude, ‘Asylum’ Aliens – Let’s Look At Latifar! 

Instead of saying thanks and going back where they belong, singing the praises of Australian generosity, they chose to try court action to get the kid designated as Australian, which neither he nor his parents have any right to be.

Judge Jarrett today upheld the Government’s view, ruling while baby Ferouz entered the country by birth, in a legal sense, he was an unauthorised maritime arrival. Judge Jarrett said the law’s aim was to discourage the use of people smugglers. 

And better still, Judge Jarrett ordered lawyers for Baby Ferouz to pay costs.

I often ask who pays these lawyers. Do they really seek to war down their country’s defences against crimmigration at their own expense?

Whatever, a good day for Australian patriots!-


 Stop The Obama-Nation of America


And one hopes our beleaguered American friends will now redouble their own efforts to thwart the anchor-baby strategy – one of many strategies Obama and his ‘enemy within’ comrades  have deployed to subvert the USA.