Ignoramuses Cantabrienses – Red Rabble Stop UKIP Meeting!

Yes, bad Latin, but you get the message. A mob of pinko cretins in Cambridge managed to prevent UKIP’s Nigel Farage speaking to supporters.

I spent some very happy times in that beautiful city, much of it in the Clarendon Arms, a pub near Parker’s Piece, a large green square at the centre of which stood an old tall standard lamp.

Lotsa fun, my time in Cambridge. 

But hard to find anything funny in the news of marxist intolerance that we read this weekend. The planned visit by UKIP’s leader was cancelled in the face of mob rule.

 The Cambridge University Students Union Women’s Campaign had originally arranged a mass protest against the appearance of Mr Farage.

And with typical leftist arrogance, some ‘Cambridge residents set up a Facebook event entitled “Tell Nigel Farage (UKIP) that he is NOT welcome in Cambridge!”

Who the hell do these Stalinoid pukes think they are, purporting to speak for the whole town? They may dislike the patriot party, but that does NOT give them a right of veto over who visits Cambridge and certainly not over the exercise of free speech.

Good work?

Dragging the city’s good name down, tainting its illustrious reputation by seeking to make it a by-word for suppression of democracy?  

And just in case she hasn’t shown her true red colours clearly enough, there’s a note of menace too for academics who retain a taste for British liberties. “And also perhaps to send a message to the uni fellows that they might want to consider carefully who they choose to invite for dinner.”   


Hell’s teeth!

The wretched woman now aspires to tell fellow-citizens who they may dine with?

Do the University authorities have nothing in their codes of conduct to use against students who bring the college into disrepute?


out with them