Kobane – How Come No Huge Demos Like We Saw About Gaza?

Noticed on the news last night, that at last Turkey has been shamed into letting help get through to Kobane.

And that leads me to look at a very good article in IBT, from a guy with the Quilliam Foundation   http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/kobani-crisis-muslim-world-united-support-gaza-so-why-arent-they-rallying-against-isis-1470571  in which he asks the question that must have occurred to more than just yours truly.

Remember all those ranting rabbles in London and other Western capitals, fulminating against Israel for its retaliation against the Hamas terrorists?

Most of them had no personal connection with the Middle East. They had no reason to be on the streets except sectarian solidarity.



But strangely, the Kurds now fighting heroically against the satanic ISIS vermin, in and around Kobane, and elsewhere, hear no news of massive street protests in Western cities on their behalf. Yet what religion do most Kurds practise? Same as the Gazans!

So how come nothing like the massive protests of solidarity for them that we witnessed for Gaza from mobs of cacaphonous creeps. They must have a hidden agenda, but what can it be?

One draws one own conclusions.




Despite some honourable exceptions, who speak up admirably, one is forced to wonder why so many who mouth lip-service dissociation from ISIS do not show TRUE responsibility, viz.

Call for every preacher of every creed to issue declarations at Friday prayers and Sunday sermons, across the West that –

B – No citizen, of any creed, in any country, has any right to elevate sectarian allegiance above that owed to his or her own country.

That should sort out the sheep from the goats.