United Nations Day? Scrap That Organised Hypocrisy!

October 24th, United Nations Day!

Let’s not be unreasonable.


Let civilised countries, like Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA (and of course others) give the UN two chances to show it isn’t an organised hypocrisy.

ONE – UN Decolonisation Committee.

Remove the Falkland Islands from their agenda ( since 90% of Falklanders are happy to stay British)  from their agenda…

Tibet_map Red China,the largest colonialist power in the world


TWO- Human Rights Council

Remove countries that are oblivious or hostile to human rights. For a start, Cuba, Red China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam must be replaced by countries which, unlike them, afford their citizens basic democratic rights, viz. free elections and a free press.


communism tyranny


No free election has been held in China since 1949,  when the Communists took power; same goes for Cuba, 1959, and Vietnam, 1975, whilst Saudi Arabia is and always has been an absolute monarchy.

It’s a sick joke that such tyrannies sit on any body concerned with human rights. if the UN does not remedy these anomalies, decent democracies should exit the UN, and pay not a penny more in dues.

If that happened, the UN would be bankrupt inside a month.  

End of a loud-sounding nothing.