“We’re At War!” Canada Wakes Up!

Got home late tonight, felt the need to get out and about, after the horror news fom Canada.


  • Canada_Coat_of_Arms
  • I smsed my old Jakarta pal, who left here a few years ago, and said a break from domestic routine was required, due to the murderous jiahdists back home..

His response ended with the words I had been hoping to hear from everyone in the Dominion-

“We are at war!”


We are at war, with evil , whose minions adhere to a barbarous ideology, which requires its followers to elevate sectarian drivel Р solidarity wih the ummat Рabove their proper allegiance due to Queen and Country.

Anyone who endorses such a vile notion is not fit to live in a civilised country.



out with them


Round them up, kick them out!