Yes, Canada, Trust the Guardian – To Churn Out Defeatist Cr#P!

The Guardian view on the terror attacks in Ottawa: hold fast to tolerance and diversity

You wake up after another night out, feeling none too energised, then open up the news and suddenly you just gotta get into it. The Guardian’s pinko bilge often has that effect.

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  • But rarely so instantly as that imbecilic headline, urging Canadians to cling to all the follies that brought about this week’s outrages, my own outrage fuelled by watching that poor soldier’s dad, grief-stricken, unable to comprehend why his son was brutally murdered while on guard at the Dominion’s War Memorial, holding an unloaded gun.

True, the anonymous ‘editorial’ contains some useful reminders of the mammoth blunders behind the collapse of Canada’s traditional civility.

A fifth of the country’s 35 million people were born abroad and more than 1 million have arrived since 2006, particularly from Asia and the Middle East.

ONE MILLION – Note well.

A MILLION aliens, some, undoubtedly, fleeing evil, delighted to find a safe haven from the barbaric, primitive cultures that prevail in the lands they left behind.

  • aUnited_Empire_Loyalist_statue_and_plaque_in_Hamilton,_Ontario Some of Canada’s first refugees – Empire Loyalists
  • But all too many not like that at all, absolutely mired in filth – hence ‘honour killings,’ and burkas, and atavistic, asinine addiction to pernicous codes like those which  imagine ‘apostates’ deserve death, or that allegiance is owed to supranational ideologies rather than loyalty to their new homeland.

Previous waves of migrants, my own ancestors in Ontario, and the Ukrainians out West, and the Hungarians and other brave peoples from Eastern Europe in the second half of the 20th century, either brought democratic values with them or eagerly embraced them.




They understood that Canada was a constitutional monarchy, a parliamentary democracy, and they understood that part of the migrant bargain was that you came to Canada because you liked what you knew of it.

How many of that MILLION above came to demand changes to suit their benighted backwardness? How many took the view that they should not be expected to adapt to Canada, but that Canada should adapt to them?


F##K tolerance of those ingrate aliens’ arrogance.

And F##K  ‘diversity.’  Nobody ever got asked if they wanted the transformation of a stable, peaceful country in which the two cultures on which Canada was built were entrenched, recognised as the foundation of the Dominion.

 Suddenly Canadians were informed that bi-culturalism was no longer good enough, that every single migrant who set foot could assert his ‘right’ to have his culture given recognition and respect.  

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  • How many of that MILLION were interviewed, screened, to make sure their first loyalty was henceforth to Canada, not some sectarian solidarity, that his cultural pretensions had to take second place to the FACT that, in Canada, women go out of their homes freely if they wish, and not in Dark Age shrouds as if they were resident in some cess-pool society in Asia and the Middle East.    

Oh, yes, and diversity is only one part of Canadian identity. It is also a country with a reputation for mediation…

Enough of that.

Pearson was the origin of that mediation mentality. I’m not sure if it was my cousin who stood up in the House of Commons in 1956  and told him he’d stabbed Canada’s best friends in the back, or whether my cousin was only one of the many MPs who cheered loudly when those words were spoken. 

Compromise is the Art of the Devil, it has been said. I speak not of sensible compromise, he likes beer, she likes wine, so they shop for some of each, not just one batch of one person’s fave beverage. That’s just fair play and common sense.  

Mediation between good and evil is NOT sensible, nor is it morally acceptable.  It is APPEASEMENT.

Again, Canada is at war.

Mediation in war is not an option.


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  • Victory is the only objective, and it is heartening to see that Harper is apparently contemplating the use of ‘preventive detention’  – what I yesterday described as internment.  

I also proposed the return of capital punishment.

Despite one commenter here on RRA saying the death penalty makes martyrs, again, let’s make a thousand ‘martyrs, ‘then another thousand. I do not recall any war when strategies precluded taking out as many enemy combatants as possible.

The message must be that this war will be waged until unconditional surrender is the enemy’s only option.


come on Canada