Seasonal Fare? Jakarta Party Bus Hits the Road!

Well, the Festive Season is almost upon us!

  • xmas-tree-made-from-different-christmas-elements
  •  Or at least it is in Lotte Mart at Kuningan City mall, where earlier this week I was amazed to see an array of wonderful Christmas Trees on sale!


Yet if Festive Seasons loom, there will be more parties to attend, which brings me onto this Saturday morning topic.


A very strange news item on tv on Friday caught my eye as I was providing Ibi Cat with her lunch.




The concept is probably not original – I recall Rangers Supporters’ Buses in the West of Scotland which could hardly keep up with the minimum speed limit, so over-loaded with ‘carry-outs’ cans of Tennants Lager were they, vehicles  echoing with merry renderings of popular songs.

But this Jakarta scheme appears to be slightly different – for a start, few if any Rangers bus travellers wore miniskirts, or even kilts. Here, most of the photos of the party bus include various chicks flaunting endless expanses of thigh.



Nothing wrong with that, not at all!

But curiously, a lot of them seem to be foreigners, whereas if you go to the nightspots I go to, there’s hardly a bule bint to be found.

I honestly can’t see me going out tonight and boarding a bus if I suddenly take the notion to party.


  • ——————————————
  • Well, I can, but it would be a regular bus to Blok M or Pasar Rumput, or maybe Blora, hoping to find like-minded party animals in the fun joints that proliferate in those areas. Actually partying ON BOARD the bus just strikes me as odd.
  • The photo above indicates these party buses are impressively appointed, but the ‘dance-floor’ affords little room for gyrating merry-makers.
  • And other essential facilities? Toilets? Can’t be as breath-taking as those in D’s Place, on Jalan Falatehan!

But everyone to their own taste. 


Although that bus above looks finely furnished, from what I heard on the tv show, the cost per person runs to several million rupiah.  

No doubt at least some of our local readers will have splashed out on the magical mystery tour, so maybe they’ll tell us what it’s like.  

Here’s the ad and link.