Language, Please! Bad Manners At Bali's Airport!

Ngurah Rai International Airport 3



I see from the Bali website that the authorities at Ngurah Rai Airport seem to have been unconscionably rude to Bali’s Deputy-Governor, I Ketut Sudikerta.

He wrote to them six months ago, urging use of the distinctive language of the Isle of the Gods.’ I once read some fool travel book that told its readers that Balinese was incomprehensible.

Bali News: Keeping the Welcome Balinese

But my Javanese friends tell me that it is not that different from their language, and they could follow conversations among islanders. Alas, I can’t. 

But I think I Ketut Sudikerta is quite justified in his proposal.What amazes me is the airport’s failure to respond.

Indonesians are usually courteous. But if the high-ups at Ngurah Rai are so dismissive of common civility, what must we mere travellers expect at the hands of their minions?