Cast-Iron Clarity – Truth Will Out!!

…during the summit with EU colleagues the discussion was lively but not unusually so. And Cameron, while clearly irritated, did not refuse to pay the bill.


The press conference afterwards was of a different order though. Once there, he delivered a puce-coloured podium-whacking performance and refused to pay it (at least not by 1 December).

He’s not even a very good liar these days. Every Brit knows his press conference was feeble froth for the public’s consumption, but fooling the public is not an ever-lastingly successful trick.

And the latest?: ‘We are not paying two billion on December 1 and we are not paying a sum anything like that. That is very clear.

He’ll pay. He’s a liar.

Maybe not by 1st December, and maybe, as I said last week, after HMV gives him a little bitty discount on the bill, to bolster their puppet against UKIP advances. 


Huge surge in support for Ukip after EU funding row, according to new poll


In the end, though, his allegiance is NOT to the UK, but to the EUSSR.