Ditangkap? Karena Facebook? Ini Revolusi Mental, Pak Presiden?

jokowi-twitter Jokowi


I’ve had lots of good things to say about President Jokowi ever since he ran for election as Jakarta’s Governor, and although I tried to keep as objective as possible during the recent Presidential campaign, to avoid raising hackles among those sensitive to foreign commenters, it must have been fairly clear where my sympathies lay.

But now he’s installed safely in the Palace,  what on earth is going on?

A 24-year-old man arrested and dragged off to detention at National Police HQ for ‘insulting’ the President?

For God’s sake!


Even when the Fuhrer of the IslamoNazi FPI grotesquely insulted President SBY, calling him a ‘loser’ and likening him to a banci – that’s a cross-dressing hooker – no cops swooped down on the white-shirt thugs’ leader.

Mind you, this latest detainee is a humble street-food vendor, so it appears. No army of hoodlums behind him.


Even so, there is no rational excuse for taking the young fellow into custody.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, High Priests and Archbishops, all deserve to be targetted for insult from time to time.

That’s part of the joy of living in a democracy,where nobody is above the law and nobody is immune to ridicule.


Boy-Rafli Boy baffled?


Head of Public Relations Division at Police Headquarters, Brigadier General Joey Boy Amar said he wasn’t clear about the case.  “I have not got information. I’ll check it out tomorrow,” he said …

I wonder if Jokowi has information. Was he informed of this heavy-handed action? If he knew, if he’s the man I thought he was, he’d have stepped in by now and ordered the lad’s release. 

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  • Well. it’s on the news, so he knows now!

The vicitm’s family, from the poorest strata of Jakarta society, apparently want to meet with the President to apologise – why should they have to?

Police HQ should apologise for bringing the law into ridicule.  

Jokowi campaigned for what he called a Revolusi Mental. Is this kind of repressive tactic really how to implement that?