Air Mata Kobane? No Bleeding Heart Dirge for Kurds On TVOne?


Every time Israel goes after the Hamas terror machine in Gaza, one has to turn down the volume on Jakarta’s TVOne channel. Why?

Because they crank up that ghastly droning dirge, some English-speaking jerk ( apparently his name’s Michael Heart – never heard of him till I searched Google recently)  all about how ‘we will not go down’  –  as if the myriad rocket attacks on Jewish civilians were not the cause of the conflict there.



When they have discussions, they studiously avoid inviting ANYONE Pro-Israel to counter the bleating of the Pro-Hamas freaks they cheerfully host( I’ll apologise if they have ever staged a fair debate – if there was, I must have missed such impressive evidence of journalistic professionalism)

Jakarta Globe’s Breath of Fresh Air, TVOne’s Pro-Palestinian Prattle 

 And their pathetic caricatures of objective news presentation are invariably plastered with add-ons about Tears for Gaza. (Air Mata Gaza in Indonesian)




TVOne is something of a sad joke, its notorious bias during the recent Presidential election a major talking-point.  

Jakarta Campaign Turns Vicious After TVOne’s ‘Red Smear!’ 

That was simply supine editorial acolytes jumping through hoops tp please the station’s owner, Aburizal Bakrie, Golkar Party leader and billionaire.




But you’d think where there’s no local party political axe to grind, some sense of fair play might sneak in – for example, TVOne’s reports on ISIS’s evil war on the Kurds (and other victim peoples, not least Christian) Yet funnily enough, no similar dirges, akin to Heart’s, have been assaulting our ears. Nor do we see crass lachrymose add-ons on every news programme.

I guess Christians and Yazidis and DECENT Muslims like the Kurdish resistance do not stand as high in TVOne’s esteem as casualties in Hamasland, aka Gaza.

I am moved to post this because I see sad reports that a Kurdish heroine has died in the defence of Kobane. 


Kurdish fighter Rehana killed fighting IS

There are reports Rehana was decapitated by IS.

I won’t stay up late waiting to see if TVOne’s tears flow for somebody worth mourning.