Look Who Won Tunisia’s Election!

 NORMAL Tunisian women!


Reasons to be cheerful!

Not just a pretty picture of pretty women, who dress like women and not like sacks of spuds – no burkas, not even a drab head-scarf shrouding their God-given good looks!

These lovely Tunisian ladies are celebrating the victory of their secularist party over the Islamists who previously formed the government.



  • But beware.

According to BBC news, the ousted sectarians are calling on the winners to form an inclusive government. In other words, having just been neatly booted out, they want back in, via some back-room deal!

Not perhaps surprisingly, this exhortation is echoed by the Guardian, which warns darkly that whether Nidaa Tounes (the secular winners) crafts an inclusive coalition or drifts toward authoritarian models of decades past remains to be seen. 


You’d think the Guardian might just be content to respect the verdict of the people.


At least Tunisia managed to get out from under Islamist rule without the need for a popularly backed military intervention.