Roots of Islamophobia, Part Umpteen! ‘I Don’t Feel British!’

“I don’t feel British and I don’t want to be British.”


  • That’s him, on the right, a more arrogant individual it would be hard to imagine.


He openly insults Britain, and boasts, in a strong London accent, that he doesn’t want to be British.

But he won’t leave unless he is given a hand-out from the pockets of decent, non-traitor tax-payers.




He claims to have served in the British Army – yet dishonours the oath of allegiance that must have required of him.

His sort are what positively PROVOKES honest Brits into ‘Islamophobia.’

Not one of those sitting there alongside him interrupted to tell him to shut his obnoxious mouth. And silence in the face of such treasonous clap-trap is as bad as the clap-trap itself. 


Muslims DisruptSilence in London, Armistice Day 2010


Of course there are good Muslims in the UK.

Here’s a photo to remind you.


, royal_wedding_ahmadiyya 


THAT’S the ticket!



Make them welcome!


BUT…. as for the likes of that loudmouth,.on Channel 4’s documentary….




Kick out the enemy within! .