Hallowe’en in Yorkshire- UKIP Battles Zombies, Scares Labour!

 I must congratulate the author of this sentence in Market Oracle, a publication of which I’d not previously heard.



The results of the 2012 SYPCC election illustrate the fact that the other candidates don’t stand a cat in hells chance of beating whatever candidate Labour puts up, even if it had four for legs South Yorkshires Labour zombie voters would still mark their X’s against the red rose candidate.   http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article47952.html


File:The Walking Dead S03E06 1603.jpg

Weary Labour canvassers go home, elated…\


I do try to avoid making predictions about elections, having been through many over many years, although I’m never slow to express hopes for parties and candidates who make sense. Thus I usually avoid making a total mug of myself, a risk the  Market Oracle man took and triumphed.

I certainly hoped UKIP would win that Police Commissioner post. Especially after the way the rotten establishment in South Yorkshire got up in arms over the admirable UKIP poster, below.



It has, however, awoken only 31% of  voters (those who bothered to turn out) to the politically correct cowardice exhibited by the Labour in-crowd and their vile collaborators in the police and social services mafia betrayed all those girls who were preyed on by alien savages.

And don’t forget that undesirable aliens there have votes too. 

Nevertheless, in what was once the very heartland of the Labour Party, there’s now a large, loud and fearless section of the electorate ready to defy the insipid inertia which has characterised that part of the UK for so long.

There’s everything to play for!