Crimmigrant Castle? Crazy Call from Callow Comrades!

The last time I went back to the land of my ancestors, I returned to Jakarta with many misgivings about the conditions in which many Brits had to live. particularly the elderly.

UK readers don’t need me to expand on those concerns – seems nothing much has improved over the past eight years or so – but they do need to be concerned about the antics of some callow kids ‘studying’ at Aberdeen University.

Despite all the social ills afflicting different elements of British society, that group of undergrads, the SPS,  has decided the smart thing to do this winter is to raise funds….





….to instal ‘asylum’ aliens in the opulent accommodations of a CASTLE! 


 Rockall would be a grand idea!


  •    And not one of those crumbling ruins on a rocky Scots islet, the sort of place I myself have pondered as suitable locations – pending deportation –  for undesirable aliens.


No, this ‘Castle Crimmigrant’ has no less than 38 bedrooms, a number of separate houses across the land, a golf course, three tennis courts, a swimming pool, a boathouse, an army assault course and its own laboratory.


Scottish Baronial mansion soon to be £1.3bn luxury resort


Well, God forbid that such a splendid spot be acquired to provide a senior cit centre, or any facility dedicated to the welfare of any disadvantaged group of British people.

Instead of any such silly notion,  members of Aberdeen University’s Shared Planet Society, hope to raise £6 million over the next 59 days for new digs in Highland Perthshire for refugees to live in…

The ‘new digs’ are to be located on Dall Estate, a lavish spread with a history going back to 1347.

Not much need for comment!

Draw your own conclusions..o

But don’t think too badly of these communard kiddies. They DO have a spare thought for their own fellow-citizens.

If successful, the fundraisers seek to give something back, offering a chance to “visit and experience the unique atmosphere of a left-wing radical community living in a gentrified commune called Comrades of the Glen!”

Oh, wow! 


Who’d want to go paddling down Southend or sun-bathing on Costa Del Sol, if there’s an opportunity to while away your leisure time sipping latte and nibbling  muesli with the Comrades of the Glen?


  • ===========================
  • Nightmare of boredom?
  • No worries, it ain’t gonna happen.

 At the time of going to press £1,622 has been raised over less than a 48-hour period.