A New Tory Low – UKIP Are ‘Detritus!’

Craig Mackinlay, a former Ukip leader standing for the Tories against Farage at the election…

A man who has to be good at reaching out to the thousands of former Conservatives who have this past year signed up to UKIP, you might think. 

But no, he exudes the sort of snobbish condescension might expect from the residents of Downton Abbey – and at least they had class!.


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OMG,  says Little Craig! How dare UKIP brazenly voice popular indignation at the betrayal of the British by HMV in Downing Street? Lo, how this arrogant elitist despises democracy.




And it’s not just UKIP’s patriotism that offends him, it’s the very character of party members.

“….If you ever go to a Ukip gathering, it looks like, dare I say this, the detritus there that have been everywhere else …

I thought it best to locate the dictionary definition of ‘detritus.’

…  waste material or rubbish…a loose mass of decaying material…



WHAT A STUCK-UP PRIG!   (did I spell that last word correctly?)