Fifth of November – Burning the Pope!

In Britain these days, it’s usually referred to as Bonfire Night, but we used to call it Guy Fawkes Night.

Until recently, the effigy on top of the bonfire – in at least one English town – was not that of Mr. Fawkes but of The Pope!



I mention this today to remind us all that sectarian hatreds are not something unique to the Middle East, or to IslamoNazi thugs here in Indonesia.

I can recall our own suspicions of ‘Catholic Quebec’ when we listened to our parents’ generation talk of the ‘Zombies,’ the Francophones there who resisted conscription  – or worse: Pierre Elliot Turdeau openly affronted our servicemen, eager to undermine the war effort against Hitler’s Germany. During World War II, instead of signing up to fight the Nazis, Trudeau preferred to dress in Nazi regalia and ride his motorcycle in the Quebec countryside.


trudeau-salute-w220 Traitor Turdeau


In fact, of course, it was not religion at the root of the problem, but ethnic division, just as in Ulster, where the fact that most of the disloyal population is Catholic is more or less an historical coincidence. Their treason is an expression of their NATIONAL identity, allegiance to a foreign flag, not of how they worship.

But it wasn’t always so. Fawkes’ fanatical conspiracy was an aspect of his creed, a belief that Protestants were apostates, who had to be quelled, converted or killed.




This mentality was widespread in Europe back then – as I’ve mentioned before, my own ancestor, a Huguenot, was forced to leave France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, ending religious toleration.

Inconceivable today in the UK or Canada or France ( except that Jews are leaving France in droves, under jihadist threat) 

My point?

My belief that, sooner or later, the essential humanity of most Muslims, here in Indonesia and elsewhere – but here first, I believe, because I know so many personally – will overcome the atavistic elements, the barbaric brutes who thrive on hatred of fellow-citizens merely because of how they pray.

Bonfires have burnt here too, as when the Ahmadis’ mosque, houses AND their Koran were burned out in, Cisalada, West Java not that long ago…


Ahmadiyah burned Koran in Cisalada Ahmadi Koran burned by Islamist primtives


…and hatreds are still being fired up, by the likes of the jihadists currently raving about how a khafir cannot possibly be Governor of Jakarta.